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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Mar 3, 2009 8:45am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 1978 - Foolish Consistency?

Jeez, I hate to agree with you Cliff, when you seem bent on DIS-agreeing with me...but I pretty much concur with everything you just said about '78!

In now way do I think it's indicative of one of their "best years"...only that in those examples I pointed out (and yes, I do include 12/31/78 as a standout show; won't back down there), the band is capable of awesome-ness on a par with some of their greatest shows,'s just that the examples in '78 are few and far between. I think that April run is pretty remarkable, and after that, you have to pick and choose. I'm actually fairly critical of the DP shows everyone raves about of 2/5/78...can't find anything about THAT S>F that compares with 4/8, 4/16 OR 4/24 which I think are the best of that year.

What I meant about a pre-disposition against the year had really to do specifically with dissing the Farewell to Winterland show, which i just don't get. They performed an extraordinary set list (especially for that year) and delivered one of the finest Dark Star combos ever (again, this ends up being subjective, as I prefer DS's that don't dissolve into loud screeching feedback nonsense, and this one is more along the lines of great Jazz--doesn't lose its focus)...It's unmistakable that the band loved Winterland and I think it shows in an emotional farewell to the old place. (BTW, I also had that vinyl album--remember that great cover w/Garcia holding that big goblet of red wine?) and I've NEVER tired of the show. I just think it gets dissed almost as backlash a la 5/8/77...once something becomes "too popular" it's no longer "in" with the cool crowd...

overall, I totally agree...after 1977 (my all time favorite year) the band never achieved the CONSISTENT greatness they had in years previous...Many many amazing nights, yes (1981 more often than not) but nowhere near what they did as an "A" game night in and night out in 1977 (and i'm sure you'd say the same for 1968, but I see that year as almost an entirely different kind of band b/c of the style and type of music they were playing).

Hope i've made myself clearer here on the issue of how I feel about '78.